Are andy samberg and joanna newsom still dating

26-Feb-2016 02:14

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It seems like exactly the kind of place Newsom would adore, but she emphasizes to me that all those reports remain unconfirmed, and she declines to discuss where she does or doesn't live on the record.This is basically because of crazy fans, she explains, who confuse their investment in her music for actual intimacy.But when she's prompted to discuss the significance of particular lines, she demurs."It's a lesson that took me a while to learn, but years ago I explained in some interview that ' Sadie'" — from her debut — "was the name of our family dog, and I think a lot of people were let down, because it robbed them of what that song meant for them," she says.This unplanned moment would become the video's closing shot, with Anderson's camera lingering near Sheridan Square as Newsom disappears from sight. "We did a series of long one-takes, and that was the one where we were like, ' We're done, time to get a drink,'" she says. (She sang backup on his 2009 white-boy-reggae parody song, "Ras Trent.") "He knows a lot more than I do about soul, too, and obviously rap.All through high school he'd go to Amoeba in Berkeley and spend whatever money he had on records." When listening to music at home, the couple observe a no-digital-sounds policy: "Andy has an i Pad, or i Pod, whatever it's called, but we don't have a sound-system that's not analog — we have a beautiful turntable, nice speakers, a tube amp." They talk about art-making together, even if their art is extremely different.

I am not nice when that happens." Newsom and Samberg have been together seven years."We both do something that relies a lot on dark magic.Something you can't over-explain or it'll get killed," she says. "He has such a light touch — I don't know how he does it, because he's obviously directing the shit out of every scene, but in such a gentle, quiet way: He'll come sit beside you, say one or two things about the scene," Newsom says. "He had the biggest crush on her." Five years after being introduced by mutual friends, he's still smitten.

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"They have great chemistry," says the pal about the pair, who prefer quiet date nights at home to late nights out at clubs.

The instrument, in other words, is a lot like the music of Joanna Newsom, who plays one: elaborately, beautifully, preposterously well-wrought.

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