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In 1879 he was earning 30,000 francs a year (about 5,000 in 2008 US dollars) as a stockbroker, and as much again in his dealings in the art market.

In 1873, he married a Danish woman, Mette-Sophie Gad (1850–1920).

Gauguin's mother, the 22-year-old Aline Marie Chazal, was the daughter of Andre Chazal, an engraver, and Flora Tristan, an author and activist in early socialist movements.

Their union ended when Andre assaulted his wife Flora and was sentenced to prison for attempted murder.

Gauguin's mother was welcomed by her paternal granduncle, whose son-in-law would shortly assume the presidency of Peru.

To the age of six, Paul enjoyed a privileged upbringing, attended by nursemaids and servants.

Over the next ten years, they had five children: Émile (1874–1955); Aline (1877–1897); Clovis (1879–1900); Jean René (1881–1961); and Paul Rollon (1883–1961).

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He returned to Paris in 1885, after his wife and her family asked him to leave because he had renounced the values they shared. Here, on the third floor at 8 rue Carcel, he had the first home in which he had a studio.When Flora's marriage with Andre failed, she petitioned for and obtained a small monetary settlement from her father's Peruvian relatives.She sailed to Peru in hopes of enlarging her share of the Tristan Moscoso family fortune.Deprived by the Peruvian Tristan Moscoso clan of a generous annuity arranged by her granduncle, Alina settled in Paris to work as a dressmaker. At age fourteen, he entered the Loriol Institute in Paris, a naval preparatory school, before returning to Orléans to take his final year at the Lycée Jeanne D'Arc.

Gauguin signed on as a pilot's assistant in the merchant marine.

Three years later, he joined the French navy in which he served for two years.