College dating in boston

07-Aug-2016 01:24

However, 99% of the men I meet are like little boys who don't want to grow up, and I find dating to be very frustrating here.

I'm considering San Francisco too but recently a lot of people have told me that things can be pretty tough there too.

Originally, I had been extremely hesitant to start school.

It was my third choice and I was worried about the student culture.

But generally speaking, are people in Boston who are in their late 20s/early 30s interested in serious relationships or is it more about short-lived fun? They did not take into account if the women are pretty or not. first, it seems a little like dating in general can be a bit of a bummer, no matter where you are, if you're looking for meaningful rather than "to date around".

That could skew the statistic dramatically as pretty ones get 10X more attention. second, i do think a slight skew in the ratios (female:male) can make a very perceptible difference - it definitely seems like the case the other way around!

I've been to Boston a couple times and liked it a lot but I've never lived there. There are higher percentage of women in MA than in CA.

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I'm 29, attractive, and I want to meet a guy who is looking for something serious and is ready to settle down.They do not call Los Angeles La La land for nothing.