Dating a guild d 25 acoustic guitar

22-Oct-2014 09:52

It was up to Tim Shaw and Jon Kornau to spec the guitars, insure their quality, and keep faith with the Guild tradition. There was a significant learning curve because the luthiers in Corona were accustomed to building solidbody guitars with polyurethane finishes.

Spraying lacquer and building flat-tops was difficult, time consuming, and a much more finicky process.

Two changes were made right away; first, back braces were made lighter and, second, fingerboards routinely went to 111/16″ widths at the nut as opposed to the 15/8″ Guild had used for years. These guitars were still built in Rhode Island by the same people who had been building Guilds for years.

There was a push to improve quality control, and the post-Fender Westerly-made Guilds are well-built, their design not radically different from pre-Fender guitars made in that plant.

Others argued space was available in a modern plant with state-of-the-art climate control, and moving the tooling to California, combined with a careful start-up, would create Guild guitars rivaling or surpassing anything that had been done before.Those drawings reflected what had been learned in the “vintage defensible” investigations.

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