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James's Road, Holloway', which were also listed in his 1856 advertisement.It seems probable that the company closed sometime around 1867, when it disappears from listings.from 1860-68, and is listed as buying various instruments in early Wheatstone records.Nickolds According to information from the Crabb family and other sources, John Nickolds (b.1787 in Birmingham) was the toolmaker for Wheatstone, and was replaced by Lachenal in 1848, with his own company at 5, Woodbridge St, Clerkenwell.

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The earliest listing discovered for any of the Nickolds family as a concertina maker appears in 1856; in 1851 John is listed as a 'machinist'. Nickolds, 7 Lower Brunswick Terrace, Barnsbury Road, Islington.' F. The Horniman has a few instruments,those up to No.8310 are 'Nickolds Brothers', whereas No.8335 is 'F. He was definitely manufacturing by 1851 and exhibited at the Great Exhibition of that year advertising : ROCK CHIDLEY begs to call the attention of the Nobility and the public visiting the Great Exhibition to the very great improvements he has discovered in the manufacture of his CONCERTINAS, amongst which are his newly invented Glass Studs, working on a double fulcrum action, and a variety of other improvements, which are very obvious to the admirers of this instrument.He had two sons, Frederick Charles and Thomas, also involved with Wheatstone.John Crabb joined with Nickolds to form 'Nickolds, Crabb & Co.'. as musical instrument sellers in the 1920s in Enfield, Middlesex are a strange echo. Rock and Edward Chidley Rock Chidley produced the often featured ivory ended instrument for Wheatstone in 1848, left Wheatstone sometime around 1850, and according to Jones, set up near Oxford Street.A first hand report from ICA member Will Gardham described watching a Mr Shakespeare, then aged 50 or 60, making concertinas in 1908 at Camberwell Road.

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This age accords with an 1881 census record for Winstanley Rd, Battersea of Thomas Shakespeare, concertina maker, aged 35.There is also a listing in 1921 for J Shakespeare as a maker of English, Anglo, & duet concertinas at 211 Camberwell rd SE 5, which is corroborated by a J. Vickers price list c.1923 (in Chris Algar's collection) which advertises new Shakespeare instruments, so given that Thomas would have been in his mid seventies by then, it seems possible that two Shakespeares, perhaps father and son, were makers.