Dating girard perregaux movements

02-Jun-2014 03:05

The case diameter of 44 mm is perfectly in tune with modern tastes.Its scale grants sufficient space for all functions to be presented without the dial appearing cluttered.Curving and straight lines portray meridians of longitude and lines of latitude, respectively.The result is an interesting canvas upon which to present the various functions.Angus Davies gets “hands-on”, providing an in-depth review of the Girard-Perregaux Traveller moon phases and large date, a watch exhibiting modern styling but respecting fine craftsmanship synonymous with Swiss watchmaking.In 1791, when the haute horlogerie brand Girard-Perregaux came into being, travel was an arduous pursuit.Girard-Perregaux has skilfully blended polished and satin-brushed surfaces with stylish aplomb.

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Its large format appears to have been created using only date wheel. Ingeniously, Girard-Perregaux has used two discs, one clear, one matt white.Understandably, Girard-Perregaux are very proud of this detail and the company has patented the know-how.

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