Dating money issues

04-Apr-2015 05:59

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“I should’ve been able to say, ‘Even though you’re making the money, I’m not getting paid for my job at home.’ I felt that because I didn’t have income, I had no say,” the 42-year-old functional medicine consultant says.

It’s easier for couples to talk about sex than it is about money.

Women were slightly more likely to label themselves as “savers” and men more likely to call themselves “spenders,” says the poll.

“There’s value in both perspectives,” says Toronto financial therapist Amanda Mills.

A saver is going to want to save all of their candy. “You want to start off saying, ‘Look, just because I make more money, it doesn’t mean that it’s not our money,” Dr. “Think of your partner several times a day to bring on feelings of appreciation.

In a study of divorced men, they had no thoughts of their wives during the day.” The “D” word No, not death. Almost half (47%) of respondents to the survey would not date someone who is in debt. “I’ve seen people create debt to avoid relationships…

I let people know that I don’t like debt because it scares me. In a relationship you could be madly in love with someone and then realize, oh my God, this person has crappy credit and when you join forces that affects you,” she says.

Given her experiences, she encourages her friends, family and her daughters to embrace communication about money.

Love may make the world go ‘round, but disagreements over money can stop even the best relationship dead in its tracks.So connect first: go out for dinner, go for a walk; then bust out the fiscal chat.Ask about the family Money meaning grows on family trees.So for the health and success of your relationship, here are 20 questions to get the conversation going.

(Disclaimer: I wouldn’t suggest you take a print-out on a first date or corner your spouse as soon as she walks in the door from work. “We never said, ‘Let’s sit down and really hear what it is that each of us want.

Arguments appear to be about dollars and cents; but they’re about more — power, commitment, ego, respect, fairness.

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