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I shrugged; at least this wouldn’t be his first rodeo.

My friend served him the papers with our court date typed in big, black letters. He texted saying he would hire 12 lawyers to “get me” and would countersue for any lost income on our court date.

The court agreed, tossing the complaint against It’s Just Lunch and leaving poor Norman here to answer these claims from this Jane Doe.

And that isn’t an amazingly coincidental name, the Illinois court allows women (and, presumably, men) suing over contracting sexually transmitted diseases to launch their suits anonymously. On the one hand, anonymity encourages afflicted partners to seek redress when they otherwise might feel too embarrassed to pursue the case.

“It’s Just Lunch,” which bills itself as “The World’s #1 Personalized Matchmaking Service,” purports to match lovelorn professionals on simple, low-stress lunch dates.

If the lunch goes well, the parties meet up again, if it doesn’t, oh well… I don’t know if the company’s slogan is backed up by any empirical evidence, but a plaintiff alleged that It’s Just Lunch is “The World’s #1 STD Service,” after a 2011 date went a little too well and she ended up taking home Herpes II for her effort. On June 27, 2012, plaintiff filed suit against defendant, [Norman] Weinzweig, and IJL Will Do, LLC, d/b/a It’s Just Lunch (IJL), a matchmaking service.

And a dressing down from a judge who reasons that not even a clawback order can protect you from incompetence.

Privilege waivers usually involve voluminous discovery, where a needle in a haystack is accidentally shared with a party who should not have access to it.

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I watched in horror as the hot liquid spread across the table and dripped down my pants, scalding my legs.I needed my computer for the little source of income I generated, but I had a sixth sense that another man was going to further ruin my day. I texted Mark the cost and he texted back, “I’ll pay for half. Just text me your address.” I let out a small amount of air from my tightened belly; 0 was still a lot of money, but it wasn’t 0.