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18-Mar-2015 17:58

I am able to make any times from 5 PM EST to 11 PM EST. Also if you are looking for my logs/progression please look up Casinai-Stormrage. We are looking for an raiding guild that is finishing up heroic or starting progressing into Mythic Nighthold. An active guild outside of raid hours is a BIG plus, I love to run M . Hello everyone, I am a 891 holy pally with 49 traits and I am looking for a mythic progression raiding guild. Please send me a friend request in game for more information or questions.I make 100% attendance and show up on time prepared to raid, and I'm looking for 19 other people who will do the same.I prefer Alliance, but I will consider Horde if I get ...Hi, I'm looking for a raiding guild to progress into Nighthold with.I'm going to be leaving my current guild as there are too many problems in it, and I want to start fresh with a new guild and get into some mythic raids.I have an extensive raiding history, going all the way to BC as a healing priest. Currently however I am holy as it was the best spec for the new expansion, and with the way artifact weapons and legendarys work, I am stuck with the spec until maybe one day Blizz allows us to play other specs competitively. Himedere - Dragonblight 908 (901 equipped) Fire Mage 7/7 EN (M), 3/3 To V (hc), NH 2/10 (M) Warcraft Logs Rolfmeister - Dragonblight 899 Prot/Arms Warrior 1/7 EN (m), NH 1/10 (M) Warcraft Logs* previous experience for both players include So O 14/14 HC (pre-nerf Mythic), HFC 13/13 (m) pre-nerf.

Had a unexpected death in the family last month and have been dealing with that is why I am lacking recent logs. I want to get back into the progressive raiding scene Look forward hearing from everyone. Times available & time zone: I am available M-F anytime after 9pm EST (preferably 930pm) and might be able to fit Sunday in depending on the time (I'd like just 2 days a week if possible)2. I use to be a semi- hardcore raider and looking for more of a casual raid due too i work so much during the week. We are looking for active Pv P players to join our guild.

I am looking for a guild who can bring the best of personality and progression at the same time. I know my classes extremely well and I can promise you 100% raid attendance. We started up the guild again about a week ago and have been recruiting people ever since, we are currently over 60 members in the guild and we are growing every day.

As of right now, we are working on our first RBG team, the requirement is 2k exp to join this one. Hello, Hunter - 903 equipped - 4/10M NHRogue - 903 equipped - 4/10M NHWarrior - 900 equipped - 1/10M NHWe are looking for a guild which starts raiding before or at 7svt with 3/10M NH kills. If there is a guild which would require our skills please drop a reply.

Here's my wowprogress profile: /character/us/area-52/Koalasmash is Bacon#1338- ...

Hey, currently 3/10 mythic with the motivation and wish to progress further, I feel I personally can progress further however have not found the right guild.

Some history: I've raided hardcore from TBC till beginning of Legion. We are a Shadow Priest and Mage looking for a raiding mythic guild. We have the experience of past top end tier raiding. We want to join a friendly yet serious raiding guild. Currently my itemlevel is 871 and I am specce'd as a Beastmaster. I am looking for a hardcore/semi-hardcore Pv E guild for my Demon Hunter.

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