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Read more Dear Sara: I have been divorced for a little over 6 years now.My daughter wants me to start dating again, which I'm very fearful of doing.Teens may not always seem interested in what their parents are doing but when it comes to dating and love, they are watching every move.Here are some tips on how you can model healthy dating and help the next generation steer clear of some tough situations in their own relationships.Truth is you that you may be exhibiting passive-aggressive behaviors that totally confuse people — and turn them off to you.In order to make these […] Read more Oh, yes, they’re watching!

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Read more Even though I’ve been unwillingly single for most of mine, I’ve never hated Valentine’s Day.Allow yourself at least a half hour but stick to a strict time frame if you wind up meeting someone who you are not compatible or attracted to.Prior to your date make sure that you have done enough research on your date so that you already have an idea of what you’d like to get out of your date.Not only is a coffee date a more relaxed and typical first date option, it’s also one of the most economical date choices and actually offers a lot of flexibility for post-date fun and a quick follow-up date if you are both digging one another.

When choosing the time of the coffee date, there are many options.

Try dating with a five-year-old or fourteen-year-old watching your every move.

With interracial dating being regarded as the largest niche dating segment, it has bee observed that relationships between these sections of the society have become increasingly popular and flourished over the years.… continue reading »

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