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I grew up in the 1960's and on into the 70's watching cowboy double features on Saturdays at the local picture houses such as the Crystal Palace or The Mayfair here in Auckland.A number of westerns are among my all time favourite films, especially a sizable number of those featuring The Duke - John Wayne.Here's a death defying stunt that's mostly Albert Whitlock matte art, enabling Chris Mitchum to jump a non existent canyon.Michael Curtiz would frequently employ trick shots on his films, especially those made at Warner Bros.

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The Selznick studio was another enterprise that would openly embrace the medium of matte artistry in virtually all of their films, and indeed went the 'whole hog' with stunning and plentiful mattes on DUEL IN THE SUN.

Universal churned out many western pictures, as did Paramount and to a lesser extent Fox, though the prestige studio MGM seemed not to be as keen, with much of their product being glossy, big budget musicals and such.

Of course the so-called 'Poverty Row' production houses such as Monogram and others made the genre their bread and butter and as such churned out low budget quickies in the form of full length features and the popular serials of the day.

For God's sake, couldn't those guys break the monotony and record a few different gunfire cues for the effects track?

Sure, there were some terrific Spaghetti Westerns such as ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST - a true classic.Also from CALAMITY JANE, though in typical Warner Bros fashion, it's actually a recycled matte shot which originally appeared as Sydney, Australia (sans 'Chicago' title) in the exceedingly dull Hitchcock period piece UNDER CAPRICORN (1949).