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02-Jun-2014 02:06

I have a multitude of files spread across my Steam folders, some of which I'm aware as to what they store, and some of which I'm asking this question for.

I already know that game save files for loading progress are stored under Steam\Steam Apps\common\Half-Life 2\episodic\save as well as episodic\cfg but my question is about the files inside of Steam\userdata3425403160\Storage and it can be noted that for this example I'm using Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (steamid: 203160) inside of the storage folder there are the files "profile.dat","save1.dat","save2.dat", as well as the user's spray within the folder "\materials\" and a config file within "\cfg\".

This can happen to the point of damaging the card if it happens for extended periods so for the love of your hardware don't keep playing if it is an overheat.

Sometimes when your card takes too much heat (very likely for higher-end games pushing the limits beyond previous stuff you play), it will start to artifact the way you described.

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Unfortunately there's no easy way to test this short of swapping out another video card. It sounds like you've been swapping drivers pretty often in an attempt to solve the problem. And have you been running drivercleaner or taking other measures?

My best guess is that "profile.dat" stores the in-game settings, "save1.dat" and "save2.dat" indexes all of the save files that can be loaded.

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