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The relationship can take several forms and can follow a pattern: The child/young person will be significantly affected by this and may not recognise what is happening to them as abuse, or may feel that it is their fault.

Points of contact can be home, school, shopping centres, entertainment arcades, leisure clubs, taxi ranks, bus and train stations and online.

However there are people who will listen and help and not judge.

If a young person is worried about a situation that they or a friend are in, they should talk to an adult they can trust as soon as they can.

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However the relationship is based on a deliberate imbalance of power.

It is increasingly occurring at ‘parties’ organised by perpetrators for the purposes of giving victims drugs and alcohol before sexually abusing them (Barnardo’s, 2012) Young people can associate with gangs and as a result of their involvement can become involved in offending behaviour and/or sexual exploitation.