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16-Aug-2016 08:20

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Maybe it's the romance of the story, but it seemed as if the universe meant for us to collide.We even ended up on the same flight back home together for Thanksgiving as our first date! This is the guy you can bring around your friends, and he fits.As nice as it is to have two men interested in you (especially as opposed to men), it quickly becomes complicated and is often marked by guilt and anxiety.

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But the first guy would be CRUSHED if he found out I was having a sexual relationship with another guy. So I say she needs to come clean with the first guy.

Relate to each man — when all together, as well as when it's one-on-one — in an honorable way. Simply ask, is "showing or feeling sexual desire." Flirting may be fun, at least in the beginning, but it's fleshly, not spiritual. He is Sovereign over His children, down to the very number of hairs on their heads and the length of days in their lives. Then, as He does, be a good steward of that wisdom and those opportunities. Until you're married to one man, you're not married.

It goes with seduction, not wisdom and righteousness (Romans , Colossians 3:8-10). We can be so focused on finding "the one," and worried that we'll miss him, that we fail to pay attention to the one right in front of us. All of this boils down to the law of love (Matthew -40). Recognize their worth as men made in the image of God. Keeping that obvious, but overlooked, reality in mind is a great guide. In Christ, CANDICE WATTERS If you’ve enjoyed this article, will you consider giving a tax-deductible gift to Boundless right now?

The guilt may be your conscience speaking; it's a voice worth heeding.

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While it's possible to consider two men at once, it's not advisable for the reasons you've already raised: It's difficult to do it in a way that's honoring to them, which dings your reputation and leaves you feeling guilty. You've said it might be too early in the relationships to have to choose, and I suspect you're right.He says it this way, "Like a good photographer who knows how to zoom-in on one detail, I had to choose to zoom-in on Candice — to the exclusion of all the other women in the room — in order to know what our potential was as a couple." Until he made that decision, even though our friendship was growing, it never could move past friendship because there were always other distractions. We're prone to anxiety over things that never happen. This is, I believe, the most practical point of advice.