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Art and part Acting in the capacity of an accessory or accomplice.

Assault (also: assault with attempt to rob; assault and robbery etc.) Any act of violence or attack on the person, including an attack threatened. Assoilzied (Assoilzied simpliciter) To free, or to be absolved of guilt.

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In either case the court must be of the opinion, having regard to the circumstances, that it is inexpedient to inflict punishment. Acts of Adjournal Acts made by the High Court of Justiciary which contain rules for regulating court procedure.

Breach of trust and embezzlement (Breach of trust, fraud and embezzlement) Felonious appropriation of what has been entrusted to the accused.

Burden of proof (see Proven and Not proven) The onus, or burden, of proving the case against an accused.

When sitting in the Court of Justiciary, the judges are known as Lords Commissioners of Justiciary.

Housebreaking (also: Housebreaking with intent to rob) Unauthorised affected entry of building which is secured.

Incest Offences committed under the Incest Act, 1567.

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