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21-Dec-2015 01:24

We know the web has loads of adult dating websites and singles related services.

There are literally thousands of Adult Dating websites and Sexy Singles online, so how do you find like minded Irish singles?

Describing himself as “handsome and erotic” with a net worth of £1.25 million, John was a high flying businessman who travels to Northern Ireland from his base in mainland Europe regularly for work.

Married and 51-years-old, he fit the profile of a typical sugar daddy.

When I replied that I wasn’t, he said: “Thank f*** because love don’t exist!

Lust does though I love the lust bit but hate the love bit that means ya gotta take them out, feed them, water them for the same result. Lol.”But not all the sugar daddies I met were like Dave.

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If you enjoy Northern Ireland threesomes use our Northern Ireland adult dating service at Swing today. Often times, it is not necessarily comfortable to locate a Northern Ireland lifestyle site or Northern Ireland adult dating service where you can receive information.One Belfast businessman in his 30s said he realised he’d “got the wrong idea” about the site when a woman asked him to pay for her plastic surgery minutes into their conversation.Simon*, an attractive and single managing director who claimed to have a whopping net worth of £6 million, told me: “I came on here thinking it was for girls looking to date smart successful fellas.“I spoke to a couple like that but it’s mainly escorts or girls looking to get paid,” he said.“If it doesn’t work out there’s no house or kids to worry about - there’s no mess.”Following our chat, Dave sent me up a follow-up message making it very clear what he expected from me: “Are you on the pill and OK with **** that’s what I was getting at,” he wrote.

When he suggested we meet up, I thought he might choose a smart restaurant given his millionaire status, so I was left a little deflated when he offered to buy me a cheap coffee at a Belfast Mc Donald’s.When the £2.70 bill arrived things got even worse after Dave’s card was rejected - TWICE - and this sugar baby had to stump up the cash to pay for us both.

Better yet, you can also specify your partner requirements in advance, so you'll only ever be matched with people who fit in-line with your ideal of a suitable partner. We had both travelled a lot and both loved the sea…… continue reading »

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