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07-Oct-2014 19:05

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Bieber does not even have his own personal Instagram or Snapchat accounts at this point, according to noted that Justin and Taylor do have a history of feuding, pointing out that a “long cold war” has existed between Bieber and Swift “concerning Selena Gomez.” It didn’t help Justin’s relationship with Taylor when, in August, he posted a Face Time conversation with Kanye West amid Swift’s feud with West.

“what up Taylor,” wrote Bieber in siding with Kanye.

He also responded to a direct question about dating: Is he still single?

In addition, Justin attracted intrigue by covering a Taylor Swift song, causing speculation that he was either trying to charm his former foe or tease her.But it’s tricky to tell if it’s Baldwin, although the media outlet reported that Justin gives away his presence with that “same highlighter-yellow sweatshirt as he was spotted wearing earlier in the night.” reported, Bieber has become known for his revolving door of girlfriends, ranging from off-again, on-again longtime sweetheart Selena Gomez to reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian to hot model Sahara Ray. Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres discussing Justin's relationship status on The Ellen Show.