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Asking customers about specific, detailed aspects about their experience provides very little additional information about what drives customer loyalty. Given the non-trivial time between customer relationship surveys (up to a year between surveys), customers are unable to make fine distinctions regarding their experience with you (as measured in your survey).

This might be a good example of the halo effect, the idea that a global evaluation of a company/brand (e.g., great product) influences opinions about their specific attributes (e.g., reliable product, ease of use).

The four companies had different combinations of general (5 to 7) and specific customer experience questions (0 to 34).

The goal of the analysis was to show whether the inclusion of specific experience questions added to our understanding of customer loyalty differences beyond what the general experience questions explained.

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There are two types of customer experience questions: General and Specific.

Then, I calculated the percent of variance in customer loyalty explained by the specific questions above what the general questions explained (blue area).