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She has an older sister, Kim Hee-won, and a younger brother, Lee Wan who is also an actor and appeared in her television series Stairway to Heaven.

She debuted through CF "Kotex White" in 2000 after an advertising executive saw her riding the subway, and offered her a modeling job.

The story explores the origins of the former Director of the NSS and IRIS agent, Baek San (Kim Yeong-cheol), and the protagonist Jung Yoo-gun (Jang Hyuk).

After agent Kim Hyun-jun (Lee Byung-hun) was killed by a sniper shot from IRIS agent Ray (David Lee Mc Innis), IRIS went into remission to recover and reconnoiter.

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IRIS II: New Generation explores the aftermath events of IRIS as well as Athena: Goddess of War.

Three years have since passed and NSS is no longer a secret black-ops division as it once was; it is now a public entity to the world.

However, the National Security director, who became NSS's oversight (who never approved of NSS's existence due to Baek San's abuse of power), reduced the organization’s abilities and limited it to regulating and controlling federal crime, like shutting down an arms smuggling ring.

Kim Tae Hee was born in 1980 in Busan, South Korea before her family moved to Ulsan.

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Her father, Kim Yoo Moon was a chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company in 1984.

"I'm considering appearing in a drama later this year or next year." As she approaches her mid-thirties, Lim said she now wants to focus on portraying "individualistic and strong characters" to build on her latest role.

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