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30-Dec-2016 20:06

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If antiretroviral treatment is combined with condoms, the danger is close to zero.

Public health messages about HIV prevention that try to scare people into safer sex contribute to the stigma, said Sarah Chown, executive director of Youth CO, which supports young people living with the virus in B. Being open about your HIV status is not the only way to prevent infecting others, Chown explained.

Some kids strategize by dropping various facts about HIV into conversations with friends and potential partners in the weeks leading up to the disclosure conversation, Chown said.

In a study of 888 European couples with one HIV-positive partner in appropriate treatment, this was the number of new infections among the HIV-negative partners.

About 92 per cent The reduction in the risk of HIV infection among people taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP) medication as directed.

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Scammers create fake online profiles in order to gain someone's trust then ask for money, often claiming to be faced with an emergency, RCMP said.

Both Chown and Cole called on the federal government to change this.