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30-Dec-2016 12:27

His family didn't know where he was; Cole's son Adrian told that Moroccan officials "had been reluctant" to even confirm where the senior Cole was, much less incarcerated.

It was as if he had just been plucked off the street and vanished -- which, to a certain degree, he was.

Hijabs on women, beards on men, no alcohol, no mingling between men and women -- different states may have different variations, but these organizations are pervasive wherever they are.

As a Westerner, or even if you are from the Far East, you will stick out like a sore thumb regardless, and you will be, if not watched directly, "paid attention to." As is anybody you are with.

But how did they even know those photos were there to begin with? So when he showed on the sidewalk with another guy (whose age difference would make even New Yorkers do a double-take), it wasn't hard for the police to put two and two together even if nothing was "going on." In they swooped.

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During his internment, he was fed boiled vegetables once a day and slept on a concrete floor of a prison dormitory designed for 44 but was housing 60.There is the very straightforward realization that when you are on vacation, the "relationship" -- such as it is -- already has a termination date.There is also a big difference between a relationship built over time and one still in that heady 72 hours of the initial meeting, i.e., love vs. The whole point of a vacation is to go and enjoy yourself. But however great the temptation (or the thrill of almost getting caught) with this totally hot guy you just met, keep your feet on the ground.Eventually, and inevitably, this made it to the British Foreign Office, and from there, to halls of Parliament in London.

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Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke picked up Cole's cause, and warned that British tourists had to fear for their safety if they set foot in Morocco.

No arrests in a bathhouse or hammam or even a raid on an underground party. He had gone to Morocco to meet Jamal Jam Wald Nass, 20, whom he begun a relationship online several months previously.

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