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12-Mar-2016 23:51

Think of it as a compelling new interest that you’ll want to find time for on a daily basis.

Online dating is now the second most common way for couples to meet (after ‘through friends’) and one in five relationships start in this way. You may think that the fact you’re logging on is a sign of failure, you may expect that you will only find ‘losers’ online, or you may be actively nervous that everyone out there is a cheat, a gold-digger or a mass murderer. Being negative about the process will sabotage your success; you’ll be defensive when writing your profile, and wary when approaching potential partners.

Even if you do find someone compatible, starting a relationship before you’re ready can mean heartbreak down the line.

Here are our guidelines for laying the foundations.

You need to have largely learned the lessons of these partnerships and be fairly sure you wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. For example, it may take years to get over a three-decade marriage-with-children, while you may get over a brief fling in weeks.

(And though it may seem counterintuitive, we often find that clients who have had unhappy relationships take longer to recover than those who have lost a partnership that was largely good.) What to do if you realise you’re not yet over a relationship loss? However if you remain stuck and the negative feelings won’t go away, as coaches we are happy to help you through.Here is a hard fact, and one you may find difficult to hear.