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In June 2008, Flaviana left for Johannesburg, South Africa to begin her work under a one-year contract with Ice Model Agency.

She took part in various fashion shows including the Johannesburg and Cape Town fashion week.

Hawajawahi kukaa pamoja, Baada ya ndoa hiyo ya makaratasi, Bi Romero aliaanza na uhusiano na dume mwingine, Markus Klinko.

Bi Romero na Ross wako hatarini kufungwa miaka mitano! Authorities said the two never lived together and Romero, whose full name is Maria Fernanda Romero Martinez, submitted phony documents with her residency application.

A jealous Shaq has been threatening Shaunie’s new boyfriend via their 6-year-old son.

According to Shaunie Shaq told their 6-year-old son to tell her boyfriend that he was going to kill him.

Throughout their relationship they have been very secrective, and it is expected that they will keep this pregnancy private for a while too.

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Romero has had roles in several small films and is moderately well known in Mexico, where she appeared in the TV Azteca soap "Eternamente Tuya." She has also appeared on the Spanish-language channels Univision and Telemundo in the shows "Control" and "La Ley del Silencio," respectively. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 to study fashion design, according to her site.

***********************************************************************LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mexican-born actress Fernanda Romero has had bit parts in such movies as the horror film "Drag Me to Hell," but federal prosecutors say her biggest act was pretending to be a bride. They contend Romero paid Kent Ross, 28, to marry her in 2005 so that she could become a U. An investigation began after Romero's ex-boyfriend, fashion photographer Markus Klinko, told immigration authorities her marriage was a sham.

The 28-year-old actress and husband were arrested Friday at their separate Los Angeles homes and charged with marriage fraud, the U. The couple started dating after Romero and Ross were married.

Mcheza sinema Fernanda Romero anashikiliwa na polisi wa uhamiaji huko California baada ya kugundulika kuwa na ndoa ya makaratasi. Jamani, ni wivu, uchungu au shetani iliyompeleka kwa polisi wa uhamiaji.

Walivyoaachana na Klinko ndo kaenda kusema huko uhamiaji kuwa Bi Romero alifunga ndoa ya makaratasi na Ross.

Till now even many of her fans don't know the guy but yesterday though the source didn't give more info but you will get soon write here.