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By the turn of the century The japanese will make a anouther record 500 chic's & 500 dick's= 1000. 250 couples having sex, by chance at the same place and time, is an orgy? If they would swap between them, ok, but to be an orgy it mus be… a very bad joke…We are trying to organise a similar thing in Sicily. Not that I wouldn't have turned down an invite…. Now, close your browser, get out of your chair and go wash your eyes with soap.. I think I saw it on or either, either way I wouldn't even watch thr any biger fuc fest in the us whose gott the tunassity too rnt a collaseam n have 10s ofthousnds fucn at the sam tyme cant beleave you havnt evolved yet this imperveass 250 people fucn punnie ass fuc fest lest your on the right trac bump on the log contry usa got all these resorses n still cant get it right we need amsterdam quality leadership least sara palin got the right idia when she was younger bein anews broadcaster she went topless its ashame she lost im in love with her This is nothing.

you know 🙂 all on pile, sex with more than 3 or 4 people! Please contact us if interested.—————-Stiamo cercando di organizzare una cosa simile in Sicilia. nice…I will never understand why so many people are so uptight about sex! To all religious people talking bad about this; you are all SINNERS! Did your mother, father, priest, imam or other authority person not tell you that you are not supposed to watch something like this? And don't let me see you here again, you hear?! The biggest orgy in the known universe has happened in a galaxy called kaanumrahh on a planet called frulung (the planet hosts app. Although it’s no “Orgy”, cause in an orgy participants have different sexual partners, but a new world record is a new world record.

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The Orgy, which can be purchased on DVD, was held in a warehouse with a professional camera crew taking pictures and recording the entire event, which was pretty hot and sticky.

There is no hunger or harsh poverty in Japan, thus they’ve done this merely for doing something new and set a new world record, rather than make money.