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On the nights of September 19 and 21, Clementi had asked Ravi to use their room for those evenings.On the first occasion, Ravi met Clementi's male friend, and Clementi said that the two wanted to be alone for the evening.According to his mother, Tyler seemed "confident" and "comfortable" after coming out and told her of having visited New York City with new friends.Prior to arriving at Rutgers, Ravi tried to find information about his new roommate online.

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Jane Clementi said that she and Tyler spent the rest of the week together and spoke frequently on the phone when he was at Rutgers.On Twitter, Ravi referred to having seen Clementi's communications on the Just Us Boys website, and tweeted "Found out my roommate is gay." Clementi also researched his roommate and read postings on Ravi's Twitter page.