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03-May-2015 07:50

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You stand with your hands clasped behind your back and your head bowed, ashamed and embarrassed.

This is the part of bdsm we adore as Mistresses, the full power and control as we administer sadistic punishments coupled with pleasure and confusion, manipulation and so much more.It is deeply DEEPLY humiliating to have to go over a superior females lay and have your bare bottom spanked.It brings back memories of child hood where their mother would spank them for being naughty and to be taken back to that state of mind and yet still be put across a female knee as a grown adult is degrading and embarrassing at the same time.Putting you over our knees for a good proper spanking is something all Mistresses enjoy doing, we love to see a nice red bottom over our knees.

However this impossible on cam so we improvise and demand you bring certain things into the cam show to use to spank yourself with and to count out how many times you spank yourself hard.

Most live Mistresses will make a slave who has just been spanked go and look at them selves in the mirror after a severe spanking.