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He toured with Manson as the band's new guitarist in support of their seventh studio album.However, Twiggy would stay with Goon Moon after the touring of The High End of Low is finished.

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Between 19, White played rhythm guitar and provided backing vocals for Amboog-a-Lard.

In 2007, White claimed that he is proud of the work that he did in the band.

After departing the band, he played two live shows with California punk metal band Mondo Generator, and auditioned for the role of second guitar in Queens of the Stone Age, which he lost to Troy Van Leeuwen of A Perfect Circle.

White appeared on the UNKLE album War Stories playing bass and synths on the track "Burn My Shadow".

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On January 9, 2008 Marilyn Manson posted a bulletin on My Space confirming that Tim Skold was leaving Marilyn Manson and that Twiggy Ramirez had rejoined the band in his place.

In March 1993, White took part in Manson's side project Mrs.