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So I sent it off to this father, and afterward I thought, you know, I bet a lot of people that I admire have a story like this when they came to a crossroad and they didn't know what to do. THOMAS: I was surprised that everybody was so generous with their story. You know that Al Pacino revealed that he was a drinker. THOMAS: Somebody said the right words to them at the right time, like my father saying, run your own race. KING: Was it - and we'll talk a lot more about this later ... THOMAS: It really wasn't as a child, except for the absences, which I'm sure your children feel as well, the traveling and that. So that was - that was -- the beginning was difficult. Choose from our most popular gifts, shop new trends, and find great Valentine's ideas at every price point.Gifts for Her: Show your valentine how amazing she is with a gift from the heart. THOMAS: No, but that they gave so much of themselves. (CROSSTALK) KING: So all of this is -- but the key is the words they said at a certain time. He said, run your own race baby, and saying that and making me think about the blinders, you know and not looking at the other horses gave me such a picture, such an image. was it tough being the daughter of a famous person? And you -- weren't you its executive producer without us knowing it?

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