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Whether you're single or in a relationship, text flirting is a great way to get it on with someone and prevents you from getting tongue-tied.Warm up your sweetie with our extensive list of the most original flirts on the web. The internet has revolutionized how we date and now Fun Text Flirts is out to revolutionize how you flirt via the internet and text messaging.Here is our collection of fabulous, fun and unusual date ideas for London: Frankly, we all want to fall in love. We're busy, we work long hours, we have to commute into town and we have demanding social lives (ok, so we just like hanging out with our friends a lot). That’s where we come in – is a multi award-winning online dating site (website, i Phone and Android apps) that lets you date other London singles that live, work or simply are nearby.Simply meet them for coffee or something stronger after work to see if there's any chemistry.

Our attention is permanently focused on what's truly important: the fundamentals. But their penises are very much her first port of call."Nice willy," declares this lady, 32-year-old Aina from London, as she takes a closer peep at one particular appendage – one that happens to be protruding from the centre of an elephant-head tattoo, where technically a trunk ought to be (bracketed by a healthy pair of tusks, strictly speaking.) "Nice form," she adds. Apparently, specialist psychologists will tell you (particularly if you're from Channel 4 and you're paying them enough) that a well-honed bottom suggests a good hunter-gather. Aina mulls this over as she looks at a six pairs of fiercely competing buttocks.