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13-Aug-2016 19:02

D) all Native American groups along the Pacific Coast speak exactly the same language and look the same.E) the earliest Native Americans left a written record of their travels.C) there has been less destruction of archaeological remains here than elsewhere. E) it reveals that civilization arose independently more than once. A) Cultural evolution proceeds through mechanisms different from those of biological evolution.B) Cultural evolution proceeds through mechanisms identical with those of biological evolution.

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E) Is quicker and more reliable than other laboratory techniques.

A) it has a petroglyph placed to mark solstices and equinoxes B) it played a part in the Ancestral Puebloan origin myth C) a large cache of turquoise beads was found there D) a source of high grade obsidian E) the site of a prehistoric watchtower Accumulating evidence indicates that the first farming communities in the American Southwest were likely settled by _____________________.

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