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I thought, these people need every cent -- and they have so much to give." His company, Glovico, organizes around 300 language lessons each month, each at a price of about €7 () per hour, and Lorenz plans to increase that amount tenfold by the end of the year.The job also serves to satisfy his wanderlust, without ever requiring him to physically leave his office.Then there are professional videoconferencing systems made by companies such as Tandberg and Vidyo.The problem is that most of these services are not yet compatible, nor is it possible to make calls from one system to another.And in the future, reality may look even more like science fiction -- scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich are at work on 3D videoconferencing, which would make possible virtual encounters like those shown on the holodeck of Star Trek's Spaceship Enterprise.The Skype Breakthrough Some predicted a bright future for video telephones as far back as over 70 years ago.When Danny Canal starts to speak, conversations at other café tables around him fall silent.Canal, a young man in his early twenties, is doing something that looks almost like magic -- he's talking on the phone without even opening his mouth.

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The new phone has a camera on the front side, above the screen, a set-up which allows him to make video calls even when his is away from his computer.A Virtual Language School "Bonjour Monsieur, shall we start the lesson right away?" Iyanatou Houma asks and sits up straighter on her sofa.German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom introduced its T-View 100 videophone in 1997, but it failed to reach a wide audience, in large part because costs were much too high.

When a breakthrough finally came, it came from an unexpected place: Estonia, where Scandinavian entrepreneurs hired three Estonian software designers in 2003 to program Skype.The work brings in an additional couple hundred euros each month, a large sum in Senegal.