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His funeral was attended by family, friends, and former clients, including O. After tensions flared between Shapiro and Cochran, Shapiro took a backseat as Cochran led the defense. stayed at Kardashian’s home immediately following the murders and left on June 17, 1994, in the back of his white Ford Bronco. J.’s innocence several years after the trial, pointing to the DNA and blood evidence.NOW: Shapiro distanced himself from the success of the trial and came to regret his involvement, moving his practice away from criminal defense altogether. He was an understated member of the Dream Team in court but played a crucial role in the early stages of the murder trial. His greatest legacy can be seen on televisions and newsstands around the world in the form of his three daughters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé.makes abundantly clear, the Kardashian family had a complicated involvement with the 1995 criminal trial and the professional athlete at its center.Simpson was best friends with Kardashian patriarch Robert, the moral compass of Simpson’s defense team.He isn't eligible for parole until 2017, but Fox News reports he filed a new appeal Wednesday.

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Cochran died in 2005 from an inoperable brain tumor. THEN: A bona fide spin doctor, Robert Shapiro was a key member of the Dream Team.

"But in this country celebrities, no matter what their race, are treated differently." According to the New York Daily News, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were stabbed to death at a Brentwood, Calif., condo where her and OJ's two children slept upstairs.

Police charged Simpson after finding two-blood soaked leather gloves and a trail of bloody shoeprints.

Dunne’s slack-jawed reaction to the verdict pretty much summed it up for everybody. THEN: One of the most iconic and absurd moments of the entire O. ordeal has to be the televised police chase led by a white Ford Bronco that tore through L. The chase reached an anticlimactic end when the Bronco reached Simpson’s estate. NOW: Whatever became of this artifact of American justice and pop culture? The vehicle last made an appearance at an event thrown by newspaper tycoon Peter Brant in honor of artist Nate Lowman.

NOW: Dunne continued to cover the crossroads of crime, society, and scandal until his death, in 2009. THEN: The Simpson family dog, Kato, an Akita named after beloved houseguest Kato Kaelin, was in Nicole Brown Simpson’s custody at the time of the murders and is believed to be the only known eyewitness.

Thursday is the 20th anniversary of the brutal murder; next Tuesday, June 17, will mark two decades since the iconic image of Simpson in a white Ford Bronco during a low-speed police chase.

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