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21-May-2016 09:35

So now you are in this situation but proving yourself even dumber seeing and hearing this guys reaction.

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And you somehow still need other people's opinions online about what to do? The only answer to you now is - STOP DREAMING and get back to reality. And if you can hold your other two kids and look them in the eyes and say THIS one didn't get produced the exact same way they did and so isn't "human enough" to be born - well then the real answer is you can't possibly be a mother - but you sure are a mfer! Likely a female since ignorance is naturally a part of the vast majority of female's personna.164896720 #18915By Anonymous on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - pm i have been with my muslim boyfriend for about 5 months now and have recently found out i am 12 weeks pregenate. you have learned a hard lesson, but at least you learned! this happens all over the world with men using women and then abandoning them.you already learned the hard way - so don't let your child go thur hardships cuz you never took the time to protect them! on Friday, April 07, 2006 - am Wow, I cant believe I am really reading all the racist comments on this site. The Almighty is the only one they will have to answer to in the end. I too aggree that we are not in the ideal situation to have another child but would be willing to try as i am against abortion but on the other hand if i dont have his support i will not be able to go ahead with the pregnancy as i have responsibility to my other children. He really doesnt want this baby and says we have no choice and terminating it is a sacfrifice.. if i go ahead with this pregnancy do you think he will leave for good? I am an English single mother with 2 children from a previous relashionship aged 10 and 7, he is from Algeria.

I am dumfouded sitting here behind my computer, asking myself is this really real? Its obvious the people that made those racist comments were raised by ignorant parents and its unfortunate that they will pass it on to their offspring. He always talked of marriage before and i believed he was a virgin. As we are not married he wants me to have a termination but i thought this was not allowed in islam. 152286938 #18361By unbelievable on Friday, July 07, 2006 - pm Dear Anonymous pregnant Brit - well well well - you join a VERY large group of naive western women from many countries somehow so desperate to feel loved that they will open their legs without ever asking some VERY basic and important questions - like what happens if I get pregnant?

On the other hand, my family reaction was (dad: non comment, you know what you want..mom: he is a good handsome man, just make sure he won't convert you... And seriously, all my middle eastern girlfriends have white American boyfriends, white men like us and treat us soooo good and we Arab girls spoil them and treat them like kings.